ENV006 Statistical Thinking and Data Treatment
Introductory statistical course by chemist focused on necessary concepts of statistics for use in (physical) chemistry data treatment. The course is strongly inspired by textbook and courses of Philip B. Stark and EdX course of Ani Adhikari.

C8785 Photophysical Spectroscopic Methods
Is introductory course to UV-Vis, Fluorescence and Time resolved spectroscopies

JA003 Výběrová angličtina pro přírodovědce
Interdisciplinary course of English opening windows to scientific thinking, related natural scientific fields (physics, mathematics, biology, geosciences) and to the language problematics as language corpora.

C8783 Ice-Photochemical Group Meeting
Key event of the group – showing new experimental results, thinking above them and planning experiments. We also do literature sections – sharing knowledge on interesting topics.